CLCC Website

The new Crandon website is now live (here you are!)

Here are just some reasons why our new site is so cool:

  • All Crandon events will be listed with additional information. This will help to answer any questions that you may have regarding each event.
  • You can add each event to your Google Calendar or ICS with the click of a button. If you have your personal calendar set up for alerts, then you will be alerted. All of the event info fills in your calendar once you click!
  • Events can be easily published to social media.
  • We now have a "news feed." Anything that the community needs to know will be posted here. You can subscribe to "CLCC Community Updates." If you do, you will receive an email at 8 am ONLY IF a news post has been added. (Please note that after signing up for alerts, you must also confirm. Also note that emails are sent confidentially.)
  • You can comment on and follow each news post. (Comments will be monitored.)
  • All CLCC forms are on the "resources" page. Some of these forms are boat registration, pavilion and beach reservation, etc.

Enjoy! We hope you enjoy it.

A test email will be going out today at noon.