Crandon Yard Sale is This Weekend

Please note that the Community Yard Sale is THIS SATURAY, June 13.

A "Community Yard Sale" ad will be published in the New Jersey Herald and The Township Journal this week. General signage will lead shoppers to our lake. We ask each home to post their own signage leading to their sale. Scarpulla Field may be used as well.

We are advertising a start and end time of 9 am to 2 pm. Feel free to post alternate times or additional dates on your signage. This time span has proven to be the most active for our area.

We understand that not all residents are online and on Facebook. The Crandon mailing will not get the word out to all residents until the very end of the week. PLEASE MAKE YOUR NEIGHBORS AWARE OF THE SALE. ADDITIONAL SIGNS WILL GO UP ALERTING THE COMMUNITY ON MONDAY.

Thank you!