CLCC Board Member Availability

A member of the board of directors has resigned due to personal reasons. We now have an opening, and are soliciting interested candidates. Given the post election timing of this resignation, our current by laws require us to ask for volunteers, discuss as a board, and then choose someone to fill the vacancy. We will make this selection at our next board meeting on September 24, 2015. Consideration will be given to past service and interest, experience and skills, as well as the individual's ability to strengthen our current board composition and performance.

Please forward a current resume to Paul Rockwood at or drop at the office prior to September 24th  for consideration. We will announce our selection post the board meeting.

Please remember that board membership is voluntary, and when done correctly, requires considerable commitment, including regular attendance at all board meetings and the active support of committee work and events. We have a terrific group of current volunteers who have done valuable work here at Crandon Lakes, and would welcome a new member into this rewarding opportunity.

Here's to the community and our volunteers!

Kevin Peters
President- CLCC

On behalf of the board.