Lower Lake Support Needed

This letter was originally posted by Jessica Weinberg:

Lower Crandon Residents,
We've written a request to the town (of Stillwater) asking them to treat the lily pads on the lower lake. This issue was first discussed at the last meeting and will be further discussed in more detail at the July 19th meeting.

The town of Stillwater has asked Aquatic Analysist's, Inc. to come and do a presentation on "possible" treatment options/ lake management at the next town meeting. Nothing will change without the support and input of the people that reside in the lake community.
Please come to the town meeting July 19 at 7pm and show your support for cleaning up the Lower Lake.

Treatment of Lily Pads on Lower Crandon Lake
July 19, 2016
@ the Stillwater Municipal Building

Lower Crandon Lake is currently owned by Stillwater Township. Residents of Lower Crandon are members of CLCC. Please show your support and represent Crandon as a solid community.

The meeting at Stillwater Town Hall is being added to the Crandon Lakes Calendar to act as a reminder.

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