2015 CLCC Fishing Contest

2015 CLCC Fishing Contest Results

The weather was perfect and the fish were plentiful (though not large) for the 2015 CLCC Fishing Contest. 25 contestants labored for 5 hours during the morning of August 1, 2015, and most of the participants pulled in multiple fish. The pavilion was packed for the awards ceremony, where the top 3 finishers in 4 categories received trophies and prizes. 

The winners were:

Child: Kevin White (1lb 4oz), Kyle White (1lb 1oz), Oliver Gates (6oz)

Pre-Teen: Peyton Myers (1lb 5oz), Devon Myers (11oz), Larry Sharon (9oz)

Teen: Blake Dippel (1lb 8oz), Carlee Lehmkuhl (1lb 7oz), Kaleigh Beyer (2oz)

Adult: Walter Siri (1lb 10oz)*, Tom Murphy (1lb 6oz), Ellie Murphy (1lb 3oz)

I'd like to thank Joe Carbone for keeping your humble judge company during the five hours, and all participants for making the event wonderful once again!

— Kevin Peters